Thursday, June 14, 2012

Windows 7 Bootanimation

Guys i made a new boot animation with machine sound(power.ogg)
which you have seen in your windows 7 machine
This boot animation is based on win 7 start logo which starts with some stars and end with a windows colored flag....
here are some screen shot 



installation:flash with stock/cwm recovery
this bootanimation containing the machine sound
the real windows 7 sound is here you can replace it by the machine sound
first download this

please see this step by step::
i)makes sure that u have rooted and root explorer installed on your device
ii)open root explorer (mount as r/w)
iii)open system>etc.
iv)there is a file poweron.ogg.
(backup it)
replace it by the downloaded file.....
rename file by poweron.ogg

Saturday, June 9, 2012

GALAXY s3 boot anim

guys, this a new boot animation for our galaxy y og new samsung galaxy s3

off your phone
open boot in recovery(vol up+power+home)
then apply update from sdcard(2nd option)
select the file
DONE; enjoy☺

BY ME(explodeaamir@xda)